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Piste de ski de la Baraque de Fraiture

Located in the Ardens, the sport centre of Baraque Fraiture organises plenty of outdoor activities in summer as well as in winter time.


La ferme Montgolfière

Take some time to take of in the air and enjoy a balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Rue Caton, 26 

6960 Harre (Manhay) 

Tél. : +32.86456458



Le Ranch Don Diego...

Discover the Wild West in the heart of the Ardens.

Activities : archery, paintball, quad, buggy, treecross, scandinavian walking, horse riding,…

Chemin du Stade, 3 

6960 Manhay 

Tél. : +32.86430004


The Wild park of La Roche-en-Ardenne

Along a 1,2km (3 to 4 miles) walking trail, you will meet a herd of fallow deer, stags, mountain sheep, aurochs, boars, wolves, lynx, foxes, racoons, owls, 

Chemin du Parc à Gibier, 1 

6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne 

Tél. : +32 (0)84 31 10 15 / +32 (0)84 41 23 14 


Parc Chlorophylle

The park of 9 ha, unique in its kind, is constructed on the remnants of an old Safari Park. The Parc Chlorophylle gives the visitors the opportunity to discover the world of the forest in an original way.

One of the highlights of the park is the walkingbridge where you can walk into the tree tops. Children can play in the thematic playground.

Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais, 60 

6960 Dochamps (Manhay) 

Tél. : +32 (0)84 37 87 74


The Roman Chruch and the village of Wéris

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